Marketing Mavericks with Amit Doshi

In this episode of Marketing Mavericks, Amit Doshi, Britannia’s CMO, shares his journey from engineering to CMO, sparked by a sales internship. He discusses the synergy between sales and marketing, marketing’s technological shifts, Quick Commerce’s impact, and key to agency excellence.

Marketing Mavericks with Kartik Johari

In this episode, we have Kartik Johari, the VP of Marketing and Commerce at Nobel Hygiene. We speak about his marketing journey and his experience working in the Personal Hygiene space.

DesignOops | S1E2 | Make time for design with Ravi @Smallcase @Upraised | IndieFolio Podcast

Ravi Agrawal, Head of Product & Design at @Upraised, speaks with Kavan Antani, CEO & Co-founder of @IndieFolio on the fundamentals of DesignOps. Where to find RaviLinkedIn – – List – ResourcesMaking the band, Spotify Shopify’s Product vs Marketing Illustrations Razorpay’s Design System Design at Urban Company Smallcase’s Microfrontend InVision’s Guide to […]

How Work Should Work

How work should work

What is a talent rep? No matter how you’ve planned your workforce, full-time employment, part-time freelance, or other permutation combinations of those, there is one core unit of outcomes. Think of it like a single rep in a workout. 1. It may be completing all campaign collaterals this festive season 2. Ideating new social media […]

How to Integrate On-Demand Talent into an Organisation Seamlessly

Now that you know the myriad benefits of making use of an on-demand workforce to meet your organisation’s specific needs, the next question is how to go about it. Putting your ducks in a row is important before getting started with this change, and so is building an effective action plan tailored to your organisation’s […]

Why Hiring Talent is Becoming More Difficult and What Should You Do

Macro Trends: Supply and Demand The global demand for highly skilled knowledge workers has been growing at an unprecedented rate. Technological advancement coupled with increasing capital deployed by global institutions is creating jobs faster than talent is created. In most advanced economies, declining population growth and early retirements have caused a shortage of available labor. […]

Building The On-Demand Workforce

BCG’s ‘Building The On-Demand Workforce’ report encapsulates a thought-provoking conversation around the revolution of freelancing during the pandemic. Read more on how companies harness this on-demand workforce’s full potential.