DesignOops | S1E2 | Make time for design with Ravi @Smallcase @Upraised | IndieFolio Podcast

Design Ops

Ravi Agrawal, Head of Product & Design at @Upraised, speaks with Kavan Antani, CEO & Co-founder of @IndieFolio on the fundamentals of DesignOps.

Where to find Ravi
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Making the band, Spotify

Shopify’s Product vs Marketing Illustrations

Razorpay’s Design System

Design at Urban Company

Smallcase’s Microfrontend

InVision’s Guide to Design Systems

Empty States

Upraised’s Career Accelerator Program

Moderator – Kavan Antani
Content Strategy and Writing – Rachel Biju
Video editing – Hemanth Kumar
Creative/Content Adviser – Justin Alva

0:00 – Introduction
0:57 – A lot of the information on the internet is dated
1:52 – What is DesignOps?
5:26 – Is DesignOps basically project management?
6:57 – Ravi’s first year at Smallcase
9:46 – Muhammed Salim during bandwidth crunches at Deel
12:02 – Why leaders should make time for designers to design
12:31 – How Smallcase’s design team went from zero to twenty
18:28 – Brennan Hartich’s study
18:57 – Career design for designers
21:00 – Design system at Shopify
27:30 – Design systems at Razorpay, Cult, and Urban Company
31:48 – What is a DesignOops?
34:46 – Summing up

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