Marketing Mavericks with Amit Doshi

In this episode of Marketing Mavericks, Amit Doshi, Britannia’s CMO, shares his journey from engineering to CMO, sparked by a sales internship. He discusses the synergy between sales and marketing, marketing’s technological shifts, Quick Commerce’s impact, and key to agency excellence.

Marketing Mavericks with Suryadeep Verma

🎙️ Welcome to Marketing Mavericks: Episode with Suryadeep Verma, CMO of Comviva

In this exciting episode of Marketing Mavericks, we delve into the remarkable journey of Suryadeep Verma, the Chief Marketing Officer at Comviva. Join us as we learn about his journey from being an engineer to leading marketing efforts in the B2B world.

Marketing Mavericks with Gaurav Mehta

In this episode of Marketing Mavericks, we dive deep into the extraordinary journey of Gaurav Mehta, the Chief Marketing Officer at Noise. Join us as we unravel his professional journey involving small companies, running his enterprise, and handling nascent divisions in large corporations.

Marketing Mavericks with Kartik Johari

In this episode, we have Kartik Johari, the VP of Marketing and Commerce at Nobel Hygiene. We speak about his marketing journey and his experience working in the Personal Hygiene space.

Briefing the right way: A Guide to UI/UX briefs

Remember high school group projects? Do you remember wondering where to start, how to start, how much of the work you’d have to do yourself because you didn’t trust anyone but you also had sports practice to get to? Totally not talking from personal experience…👀 Imagine having an all-in-one form you could fill out – […]

Don’t Be An NPC With Chethan KVS | Advancing Your Career As A Product Designer

We dive into an exclusive in-person session with the incredible @design_pilot, a former junior designer at @apple turned team leader, consultant, and global design expert. In this power-packed session, Design Pilot shared valuable insights into the world of product design. Discover practical tips, industry secrets, and innovative techniques that will elevate your design skills to […]

UX/UI Design At A Glance

IndieFolio Blog: UX/UI Design

What is UX/UI design?  Everything from a chair to a website should be user-first. And there is no right way to do it. Simply put, UX/UI design comprises 3 things: You build for the user, collaborate with developers to make it technically viable, and you meet business goals. UI refers to the aesthetic elements of […]

Designing for Web3 

UX/UI Design for Web3

A large part of Web3 was made by nerds for nerds. But that’s a recipe for more bottlenecks if this new ‘internet we deserve’ is to become clear and accessible for everyone. For legal and regulatory systems, public-private partnerships, and users at large.  This blog unpacks how design can bring the security, trust, and process […]

How The Design Team At CRED Is Pushing Boundaries

Ask around for the sleekest app, and the most popular answer would be CRED — the members-only platform that provides rewards in the form of coupons or discounts for paying credit card bills through the app. But what sets CRED apart? It’s not just aesthetics. A good app has deft transitions, but above all is […]