Don’t Be An NPC With Chethan KVS | Advancing Your Career As A Product Designer

Creative Talent UI/UX

We dive into an exclusive in-person session with the incredible @design_pilot, a former junior designer at @apple turned team leader, consultant, and global design expert.

In this power-packed session, Design Pilot shared valuable insights into the world of product design. Discover practical tips, industry secrets, and innovative techniques that will elevate your design skills to new heights.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Practical insights about the design industry and its current trends.
  • Learn from the experiences of a design expert who has worked at Apple and beyond.

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00:00 Intro
00:32 My story: How it all started
12:58 Quick intro of my Work Experience
15:27 The Current State of the Design Industry
25:27 Product Designers belong to the World of Product
31:44 Social Media: The Mega Villian
38:31 The World doesn’t need UI/UX Designers anymore
43:50 The Reality of the Design Industry
47:19 How I got into Apple: There is no such thing called a ‘Training Program’
52:35 How do you showcase your potential?
55:36 Q&A: What do you do if you’ve had a bad experience working in a company?
57:40 Q&A: How to showcase Design Thinking Skills?
01:00:08 Q&A: How much to showcase in a Design Assignment?
01:03:06 Q&A: Will posting content online increase the chances of getting a job?
1:05:43 What is success?
1:18:48 The Industry has a long way to go
1:24:08 What do you do when you can’t get into a good product company?
1:32:05 It’s a game of chess: Making the right moves at the right time

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