Marketing Mavericks with Hirokazu Kotera

In this episode, we feature Hirokazu Kotera, VP of Marketing at Kansai Nerolac Paints. We discuss his journey from Japan to India, exploring his successful marketing career and experiences in understanding Indian consumers. Highlights include insights into the differences between Japanese and Indian markets, navigating the diverse tastes of Indian consumers, the role of leveraging news in brand building, and the nuances of marketing to Urban versus Rural India.

Packaging Design for D2C, Ecommerce, and Marketplaces

Packaging design for d2c, ecommerce, and FMCG brands

In an increasingly complex, globalized, competitively digital world, brands compete with more than their products. Everything from packaging design to best omnichannel practices becomes important for D2C and FMCG brands.  For context, the packaging industry is expanding at nearly 25% annually, with India being a preferred hub since it costs about 40% cheaper than parts […]

How To Make A Brand Logo

An Introduction to User Research | IndieFolio

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”  — Paul Rand The quote mentioned above is by Paul Rand, who designed IBM’s logo in 1956. Mark Favermann would further go on to note that “(the logo) was not just an identity but a basic design philosophy which permeated corporate consciousness and public awareness.” That is […]