From Dentist to Designer | Journey of Parikshit aka Sasta Acid, Creative Lead at Gully Gang India

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Join us for a fascinating interview with Parikshit Singh, a.k.a “Sasta Acid”, the Design Lead for Gully Gang India! From being a Dentist to a self-taught designer, Parikshit shares his journey of career transformation and how he got involved with the dynamic Hip Hop label. Discover how he taught himself design and what it was like to take the leap into a new industry. This is an inspiring story for anyone considering a change in their career path, and a behind-the-scenes look at the creative mind behind Gully Gang India’s iconic visuals.

In this interview, Kavan, co-founder of IndieFolio, speaks with Parikshit Singh, Design Lead at India’s leading hip hop label, Gully Gang. Parikshit shares his process for designing album art for the label’s talented artists, who have a strong creative inclination.

According to Parikshit, his process starts with a discovery call with the artist and himself to understand the artist’s perspective and any thoughts they have about the album art. He then creates a rough mood board and presents rough sketches and references for the artist to consider. The design process is iterative and open to change, with Parikshit being willing to reject his own work if necessary.

Kavan highlights the difference between artists and professional designers, with artists having a more expressive approach to their work and designers solving problems. At the end of the day, a successful design must be successful across all touchpoints.

This insightful conversation sheds light on the intersection of art and design in the music industry and the importance of understanding the artist’s perspective while creating design solutions.

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