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Marketing Mavericks with Suryadeep Verma

🎙️ Welcome to Marketing Mavericks: Episode with Suryadeep Verma, CMO of Comviva

In this exciting episode of Marketing Mavericks, we delve into the remarkable journey of Suryadeep Verma, the Chief Marketing Officer at Comviva. Join us as we learn about his journey from being an engineer to leading marketing efforts in the B2B world.

Data Delgue

Marketing Mavericks with Samriddh Dasgupta

In this episode, we have Samriddh Dasgupta, the Chief Marketing Officer at Heads Up For Tails. We speak about his journey, his foray into marketing and his experience working with brands like Dineout, Bombay Shaving Company and Heads Up for Tails.


What If You Didn’t Have A Portfolio? | Ft. Aaquib Wani | IndieFolio MasterClass

We dive into an exclusive in-person Masterclass with Aaquib Wani, honoured as Forbes 30 under 30 for Design in ’21 and his experiential design studio, Aaquib Wani Design, has worked & collaborated with a variety of brands including the international music festival Lollapalooza, India Cricket Team, United Nations, Spotify, Adidas, Coca Cola, MG Motors, Nestle, Ranveer Singh to name a few!


DesignOops | S1E3 | Nothing is someone else’s problem with Chetty Arun @Razorpay IndieFolio Podcast

Chetty Arun, Head of Culture at Razorpay, speaks with Kavan Antani, CEO & Co-founder of IndieFolio on taking ownership as a fundamental principal of DesignOps. Where to find ChettyLinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/chettyarun/Twitter – https://twitter.com/chettyarunWebsite – http://chettyarun.com/ Resources –Ryan Holiday’s Canvas Strategyhttps://ryanholiday.net/the-canvas-st…


Briefing the right way: A Guide to UI/UX briefs

Remember high school group projects? Do you remember wondering where to start, how to start, how much of the work you’d have to do yourself because you didn’t trust anyone but you also had sports practice to get to? Totally