D2C Like A Pro: Shark Tank Edition

D2C companies seem to have access to deep pockets despite the funding winter. “Large conglomerates are finding it easier to buy out direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands amid a funding crunch for unprofitable startups… [They] are realizing that they are missing out on the fast-growing D2C space…acquiring D2C startups gives them access to digital capabilities, new-age brands, […]

Packaging Design for D2C, Ecommerce, and Marketplaces

Packaging design for d2c, ecommerce, and FMCG brands

In an increasingly complex, globalized, competitively digital world, brands compete with more than their products. Everything from packaging design to best omnichannel practices becomes important for D2C and FMCG brands.  For context, the packaging industry is expanding at nearly 25% annually, with India being a preferred hub since it costs about 40% cheaper than parts […]