Marketing Mavericks with Kartik Johari

In this episode, we have Kartik Johari, the VP of Marketing and Commerce at Nobel Hygiene. We speak about his marketing journey and his experience working in the Personal Hygiene space.

Designing for Web3 

UX/UI Design for Web3

A large part of Web3 was made by nerds for nerds. But that’s a recipe for more bottlenecks if this new ‘internet we deserve’ is to become clear and accessible for everyone. For legal and regulatory systems, public-private partnerships, and users at large.  This blog unpacks how design can bring the security, trust, and process […]

How Work Should Work

How work should work

What is a talent rep? No matter how you’ve planned your workforce, full-time employment, part-time freelance, or other permutation combinations of those, there is one core unit of outcomes. Think of it like a single rep in a workout. 1. It may be completing all campaign collaterals this festive season 2. Ideating new social media […]

How Can A Small Business Attract Big Talent?

Want to attract big talent as a small business?  Here’s some pop psychology to help you reverse engineer the four alleged personality types of people. Author Gretchen Rubin studies her social network and categorizes them as such. There’s a thing or two to learn from it.  The Questioners:  Questioners meet their personal expectations but don’t […]

The Principles of Vetting Creative Talent

The true cost of a failed creative hire is amplified when you augment direct costs with human costs. Whatever the brand of costs at risk, without high-performing creative talent you limit the whole team’s potential while dwindling other resources.  Making the right hiring decisions for your brand need not be left to chance. Think of […]