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Watch faces for Hammer
25 watch face designs to enhance customisation
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Project Details

IndieFolio connected Hammer, a Fast Moving Electronics Goods (FMEG) Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) company specializing in IoT products such as Smart toothbrushes, Smart plugs, Smart watches, and Smart headphones, with Ibrahim from 152co, a design studio in Mumbai.

152co took on the challenge of creating diverse watch faces for Hammer's Smart watches. The objective was to develop watch faces that not only captivate users but also align perfectly with the brand's aesthetic, while enabling higher customization options for the users.

The design process commenced with extensive research and analysis of Hammer's target audience and their preferences. 152co collaborated closely with Hammer's team to understand their brand identity, product features, and desired user experience. This collaborative effort ensured that the created watch faces resonated with the brand and met the specific needs of Hammer's customers.


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