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Velvet Vibes
Music Videos for a new music label
6 Indie Music Videos for Velvet Vibes
Video Production & Editing

Project Details

IndieFolio connected Velvet Vibes, an independent music label, with Curious Men's Aniruddha and Ritesh to create 6 captivating music videos across genres and themes. The aim was to deliver top-quality videos from script to screen, including concept, script, direction, cinematography, production, make-up, casting, and post-production.

Aniruddha and Ritesh took on the challenge and delivered outstanding results. All 6 videos have received over a million views each, with the total number of views standing at an impressive 10M+!

The videos created were intense, iconic, and tailored to millennial music and entertainment, perfectly aligning with the Velvet Vibes brand. The team's attention to detail and creative vision shone through in each video, capturing the essence of the music while captivating audiences.


Aniruddha Khanwilkar
Ritesh Verma


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