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Urban Company
Helping Urban Company Experiment Faster
In-app and performance marketing creatives for new markets
Graphic Design & Illustration

Project Details

IndieFolio collaborated with Urban Company, a leading platform for home services, to create a series of in-app creatives and performance marketing ads. The aim was to expand the platform's reach in new markets like the USA and MENA region, and to promote new categories such as nail painting and lawn mowing.

To achieve this, IndieFolio connected Urban Company with Siva Ramachandran, an Art Director with over 8 years of experience in graphic design. Siva was tasked with creating a series of in-app creatives that would grab the attention of potential customers in the USA and MENA region. He also designed performance marketing ads that would help promote the new categories of nail painting and lawn mowing.

The in-app creatives were designed to convey the message of convenience and reliability of the Urban Company platform, while the performance marketing ads were designed to attract new users to the platform.


Siva Ramachandran


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