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Annual Review Report Design for AVPN
A detailed annual review report for a social investing network
Graphic Design & Illustration Report Design

Project Details

IndieFolio connected AVPN, the world's largest network of Social Investors active in Asia, with 152co, a design studio in Mumbai, to create a detailed annual review report. The report was aimed at highlighting key achievements, impactful collaborations, thought leadership reports, and inspiring case studies that showcase the impact of social investments in Asia.

152co took on the challenge and crafted a custom layout design for the report that was aligned with AVPN's brand guidelines. The team worked closely with AVPN to understand their vision and goals, ensuring that the report accurately reflected the organization's mission and values.

The process began with research and ideation, where 152co developed a concept and a creative brief for the report. Once approved, the team moved on to designing the layout, incorporating custom infographics, and fine-tuning the details to ensure a polished and professional final product.


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