Marketing Mavericks with Amit Doshi

In this episode of Marketing Mavericks, Amit Doshi, Britannia’s CMO, shares his journey from engineering to CMO, sparked by a sales internship. He discusses the synergy between sales and marketing, marketing’s technological shifts, Quick Commerce’s impact, and key to agency excellence.

Marketing Mavericks with Suryadeep Verma

🎙️ Welcome to Marketing Mavericks: Episode with Suryadeep Verma, CMO of Comviva

In this exciting episode of Marketing Mavericks, we delve into the remarkable journey of Suryadeep Verma, the Chief Marketing Officer at Comviva. Join us as we learn about his journey from being an engineer to leading marketing efforts in the B2B world.

Marketing Mavericks with Gaurav Mehta

In this episode of Marketing Mavericks, we dive deep into the extraordinary journey of Gaurav Mehta, the Chief Marketing Officer at Noise. Join us as we unravel his professional journey involving small companies, running his enterprise, and handling nascent divisions in large corporations.

Marketing Mavericks with Hirokazu Kotera

In this episode, we feature Hirokazu Kotera, VP of Marketing at Kansai Nerolac Paints. We discuss his journey from Japan to India, exploring his successful marketing career and experiences in understanding Indian consumers. Highlights include insights into the differences between Japanese and Indian markets, navigating the diverse tastes of Indian consumers, the role of leveraging news in brand building, and the nuances of marketing to Urban versus Rural India.

Marketing Mavericks with Kartik Johari

In this episode, we have Kartik Johari, the VP of Marketing and Commerce at Nobel Hygiene. We speak about his marketing journey and his experience working in the Personal Hygiene space.

Introduction to AI for Designers with Ninaad & Kavan | Design Dialogue with IndieFolio

Join Kavan & Ninaad as they explore AI’s impact on design in this podcast episode. 🎨✨ #DesignDialogs Explore Ninaad’s unconventional design journey from film production to AI. Learn how he found his niche and why versatility matters in today’s creative world. Discover the integration of full-stack skills and the role of AI in design, from […]

Crowdsourcing Creativity: Harnessing the Power of Freelancers

Remember the rupee symbol (₹)?  Here’s a fun fact about it: the currency symbol was designed by D. Udaya Kumar, an Indian academic and designer, and is said to incorporate elements of the Devanagari and Roman scripts – a thoughtful reinterpretation of the modern and traditional. The symbol was presented to the public by the […]

Why Your Organization Needs An Open Talent Culture

Why Your Org Needs An Open Talent Culture

According to a survey done by Deloitte in 2022, more than 50% of Indians now have a side hustle. Remote work is becoming the new norm, work hours are becoming more flexible, and a goldmine of creative talent is waiting to be mobilized. These dynamic times have given rise to the concept of the ‘Open […]

How Work Should Work

How work should work

What is a talent rep? No matter how you’ve planned your workforce, full-time employment, part-time freelance, or other permutation combinations of those, there is one core unit of outcomes. Think of it like a single rep in a workout. 1. It may be completing all campaign collaterals this festive season 2. Ideating new social media […]

How to Integrate On-Demand Talent into an Organisation Seamlessly

Now that you know the myriad benefits of making use of an on-demand workforce to meet your organisation’s specific needs, the next question is how to go about it. Putting your ducks in a row is important before getting started with this change, and so is building an effective action plan tailored to your organisation’s […]