Marketing Mavericks with Amit Doshi

In this episode of Marketing Mavericks, Amit Doshi, Britannia’s CMO, shares his journey from engineering to CMO, sparked by a sales internship. He discusses the synergy between sales and marketing, marketing’s technological shifts, Quick Commerce’s impact, and key to agency excellence.

Marketing Mavericks with Suryadeep Verma

🎙️ Welcome to Marketing Mavericks: Episode with Suryadeep Verma, CMO of Comviva

In this exciting episode of Marketing Mavericks, we delve into the remarkable journey of Suryadeep Verma, the Chief Marketing Officer at Comviva. Join us as we learn about his journey from being an engineer to leading marketing efforts in the B2B world.

Marketing Mavericks with Gaurav Mehta

In this episode of Marketing Mavericks, we dive deep into the extraordinary journey of Gaurav Mehta, the Chief Marketing Officer at Noise. Join us as we unravel his professional journey involving small companies, running his enterprise, and handling nascent divisions in large corporations.

Marketing Mavericks with Hirokazu Kotera

In this episode, we feature Hirokazu Kotera, VP of Marketing at Kansai Nerolac Paints. We discuss his journey from Japan to India, exploring his successful marketing career and experiences in understanding Indian consumers. Highlights include insights into the differences between Japanese and Indian markets, navigating the diverse tastes of Indian consumers, the role of leveraging news in brand building, and the nuances of marketing to Urban versus Rural India.

Marketing Mavericks With Somil Agrawal

In this episode, we have Somil Agrawal, the SVP, Head of Marketing at Shiprocket. We speak about his journey from an engineer to a marketer and his experience working with brands like Airtel, MakeMytrip and Shiprocket.

Introduction to AI for Designers with Ninaad & Kavan | Design Dialogue with IndieFolio

Join Kavan & Ninaad as they explore AI’s impact on design in this podcast episode. 🎨✨ #DesignDialogs Explore Ninaad’s unconventional design journey from film production to AI. Learn how he found his niche and why versatility matters in today’s creative world. Discover the integration of full-stack skills and the role of AI in design, from […]

Don’t Be An NPC With Chethan KVS | Advancing Your Career As A Product Designer

We dive into an exclusive in-person session with the incredible @design_pilot, a former junior designer at @apple turned team leader, consultant, and global design expert. In this power-packed session, Design Pilot shared valuable insights into the world of product design. Discover practical tips, industry secrets, and innovative techniques that will elevate your design skills to […]

Setting Your Creative Teams Up For Success

Creativity without success?  A weekly huddle of OKRs and delivery and you know. There are few things as agonizing as doing something great that doesn’t add value to your business. This blog is meant to help you bridge the gap between cultivating creativity and securing success.  Research has it that innovative companies are likely to […]